F45 Challenge Meals Success Story

Fitness challenges have been all the rage for a few years now. You name it, there it is, a new challenge, a new fitness or fad diet is born every few weeks - all in the quest to be healthier, feel better, and look great! The F45 challenge is one such challenge, however, the caveat is that this particular challenge will help you shed those pounds and inches and help keep them off — for good, for real. Too good to be true? Not at all, and here’s why.

The F45 challenge, originating in Australia, is one that has gained significant momentum, spreading its philosophy, workouts, and community globally. All you need is a training facility where challenge members will be challenged with new workouts everyday for eight weeks. No workout will be repeated. To really blow this out the park, the F45 challenge also provides you with:

  • A team of nutritionists who will give you an exact meal plan to follow along with recipes as part of their 3 phase nutrition for the eight week duration
  • Weekly guest coaches and experts who will help you learn more about health, wellness, and nutrition through their online platform
  • A personal daily activity and fitness tracker that includes progress charts and a distinctive points system to measure progression and motivate participants to reach their goals.
  • A sense of community. Feel supported globally, not just locally. The F45 challenge will push your limits, connect you to like minded individuals who are just as keen on wanting to get their health and fitness back on track. Together, you can all progress and be better.

That is the F45 secret sauce. Now, imagine what happens when F45 teams up with a meal prep service, you guessed it, F45 Meals. Picture a trifecta of nutrition, fitness, and health all kicking into overdrive to produce massive, powerful, and long lasting results!

An industry leader among the Toronto meal prep service providers, F45 Meals first collaborated with F45 in 2018. F45 Meals’ main intention with this collaboration was for its participants to truly experience life changing results in a stress free manner. The best way to do this was by preparing all the meals listed in the F45 meal plan for all challenge participants.  Wanting each participant to enjoy the challenge, give it their undivided attention and energy, and still have more time for themselves, F45 Meals took care of the nutritional needs of each participant during the weekdays by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create meals that would appeal to a variety of palates.

Samantha's Journey to Fitness and Freedom

One such participant, Samantha Keeper, was blown away by the results she got from the F45 Challenge. She attributed her success rate to the fact that her meals were all taken care of, thanks to F45Meals, which meant she could focus on the challenge, stop worrying about cheating on her F45 nutrition program, and have the freedom of time to use the extra few hours each week for her leisure instead of feeling pressured to grocery shop and meal prep. Read below for Samantha’s testimonial:

F45 Challenge Winner

 “Challenge Meals is one of the reasons why I was able to stick with my meal plan for the entire F45 challenge.

Knowing my food was taken care of freed me up to focus on my training, and gave me zero excuses to cheat on my diet. They follow the F45 recipes exactly which made tracking my macros so easy. The meals were always delicious and their customer service was excellent!

If you are planning on participating in the F45 Challenge I highly recommend using F45 Challenge Meals to support your success. My husband and I will be using them again for the next challenge!”

~ Samantha Keeper

Had it not been for F45 Meals’ expert collaboration with F45, one thing is sure, at least 50 percent of the challenge participants would have relapsed into their old eating habits and other modes of self sabotage, completely going off course for the challenge. Challenge Meals not only gave these participants the added peace of mind that their nutrition was accounted for, it helped them focus on rest, recovery, and fitness by giving them back an additional ten to twelve hours of their time each week. Time that would have been spent on grocery shopping and meal prepping. Having Challenge Meals be a part of the F45 challenge also showed challenge participants that there is a way to not only work hard, but work smart, and still achieve monumental results. F45 Meals is not just your meal prep service, it’s a way of life. A lifestyle that is highly attainable thanks to their diverse menu options and extremely well priced packages. A lifestyle that will truly live up to your vision of “having it all” - health, fitness, and time.

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your health, fitness, and nutrition starting today. Challenge your limits, achieve those results in eight weeks and learn how to maintain them consistently by participating in this challenge. Consider us your nutritional BFF who always has your back through always freshly prepared, tasty meals to suit your taste buds.

You can always reach your goals individually, but together, with the dual power of Challenge Meals and F45 to help coach you and guide you on your health journey, you will get much farther, a whole lot quicker — without the guessing games, without the guilt trips, and without the stress or loss of motivation and momentum. Let Challenge Meals and F45 help you get back to YOU - a healthy, fit, happier, more nourished version of yourself. Your best self is waiting!


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